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The voices from the shadows are coming to light

As the global community races towards a shared progress, the voices from the margins cry out for inclusion and their due recognition. Suzy Kanoo’s book, Hear Us Speak, amplifies those whose stories are muffled by regressive politics and ideologies. Theirs are the stories that reveal where society stands today, laying bare the human elements of despair and hope that have driven change for centuries.

Suzy Kanoo | President of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Group

A passion for progress

Suzy Kanoo is an outsized figure in female-leadership and a seventh-generation Baharanian. Though significant, her professional success is only a small part of Suzy’s story. She is a champion of women in the Arab world, of refugees, and of progress.

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Hear Us Speak

Hear Us Speak: Letters from Arab Women is a snapshot of the Arab world at a turning point. While progress may feel inevitable to some, it is a distant hope for others. In her book, Suzy Kanoo shares the raw emotions and thoughts of Arab women today.

Suzy set out with the goal of trying to understand what it is really like to be an Arab woman today. With grace and honesty, the bold answers spill from every page of Hear Us Speak.


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Suzy Kanoo speaking to audience


“My hope is that you will see we are more alike than we are different, and that our humanity is the cord binding us together.”
Suzy Kanoo brings the messages of the voiceless to audiences across the globe. Her story is one of professional success, of women leading industry in the Arab world, and of the countless others pushed to the margins. She has travelled with the United Nations and regularly spends time in refugee camps all over the world. Her experience and passion saturate every keynote she delivers.

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